How to throw a simple yet fun BBQ party

With the summer soon coming to an end I am sure a lot of you are just dying to get the grill out and throw one last awesome BBQ bash for your friends and family. Well, after all, a summer without a BBQ party is simply incomplete.

So today we’ll compile a list of ways to keep the party simple yet have fun.

Go easy with the cook

  • One of the best things about any great chef isn’t making the most difficult dishes but making the simple ones with a twist. Keeping the recipes simple will help you cook well while enjoying the party equally with your near and dear ones. It will also reduce shopping time. Having a great BBQ grill makes for a great start but that just the start.
  • We’d recommend you keep no more than 5 recipes but either provide a flavor surprise or serve it with a twist.  Simple recipes like corn on the cob can be turned into flavor bursts with some parmesan cheese, jalapeno etc.

Try potluck

  • If your BBQ plan was more like a sudden mood swing and now you’re worried about if you’ll have enough for everyone, going the potluck way is the ideal option.
  • While you can arrange the drinks and the main course you could always ask a few close friends to pitch in with a side dish or even a dessert or maybe something as simple as a few chips or beers.

Set the mood with some music

  • One thing that can turn a party into a total bummer is bad music so if you want your guests to have a good time you’ve got to serve them with good food, drinks and yes music. Now there are plenty of songs with summer written all over them.
  • You can also play electric or classic rock songs to get the mood going. The aim of songs should be to keep your guests happy and dancing.

Fun time

Game time

  • Nothing lights up a party like having a few games and there are plenty of games that both children and adults can enjoy alike and one such game is Twister. For a backyard twister game, all you need is 4-5 different sprays.
  • A few water guns or even some pool related games are other ways to get both adults and kids join in the action.

The perfect dessert

  • What’s a party without a yummy sweet dish right? And guess what, you can them on your grill itself. If you’re looking to keep it simple we’d recommend grilled summer fruit skewers. All you’ll need are some apples, strawberries, pineapple, and peaches.
  • Skewer the fruits and season them with some olive oil and a pinch of salt and leave them on a preheated grill for about 10 minutes. Take the skewers off once they’re juicy and have a few char marks top it off with some honey.
  • If you’re in the mood for something fancy, grilled pineapple sundaes, grilled banana splits are other awesome recipes.

game time

If you want to share your party ideas with us, feel free to contact us here.

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