Italian Rice Balls Recipe


1. Carolina rice (2lb)
2. ground beef (1lb)
3. eggs (5to6large)
4. grated Romano cheese (1 1/2c)
5. tomatoes sauce (1can)
6. water (6c)
7. milk (2 1/2c)
8. butter (2sticks)
9. flour as needed
10. bread crumbs for cooking rice balls (11/2c)
11. oil for deep frying the rice balls.

Method of preparation:

1. Take a large saucepan, boil rice with water in it. Cook it over low heat until the water is evaporated. Add butter, milk, cheese, and 3 beaten eggs and cook it by stirring until the rice is thick and pasty.

rice balls 1

2. Now place the rice on a flat pan and cool it overnight. Take a pan brown the ground beef in it and drain it. Then add tomato sauce and mix it well.

3. Take a mound of rice in the palm of your hand, make a well in it and fill this well with meat mixture. Cover it with another mound of rice and then shape it into balls. Make more balls like this.

rice balls 2

4. Roll these balls in flour and dip in eggs and coat with breadcrumbs. Now deep fry these balls over medium-high heat until gets golden brown.

rice balls 3

Make about 35 balls.

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